Developing Belief Network PIs

Mona Abo-Zena

Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education and Care

College of Education and Human Development, University of Massachusetts Boston

Research site(s)

Research partners: 

Research question: 

Tamer Amin

Associate Professor of Science Education and Chair of the Department of Education

American University of Beirut

Research site(s): Lebanon

Research partners: Maliki Ghossainy (American University of Beirut)

Research question: 

Florencia Anggoro

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

College of Holy Cross

Research site(s): Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali)

Research partners: Benjamin Jee, Worchester State University

Research question: 

Emily Burdett

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

University of Nottingham

Research site(s): Bolivia (Tsimane), United Kingdom

Research partners: Helen Davis, Harvard University; Michael Gurven, University of California, Santa Barbara

Research question: 

Ann Cameron

Honorary Professor in Psychology, University of British Columbia;

Emerita and Honorary Research Professor, University of New Brunswick,

Affiliate Member, University of Victoria

Research site(s): Italy (Florence) & Brazil (Sao Paulo)

Research partners: Guiliana Pint, a university in Italy; Claudia Stella, a university in Brazil

Research question: 

Aaron Cherniak

Doctoral Researcher

Stockholm University

Research site(s): Israel

Research partners: Mario Mikulincer, Bar-Ilan University; Anat Shoshani, Tel-Aviv University; Pehr Graqvist, Stockholm University

Research question: 

Kaye Cook

Professor of Psychology; Chair, Department of Psychology

Gordon College

Research site(s): Indonesia

Research partners: Taganing MKurniati, Gunadarma University, E. Java; Wahyuni Kristinawati, Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, Middle Java; Dona Eka Putri, Gunadarma University, E. Java; Junianawaty Suhendra, Southeast Asia Seminary, E. Java

Research question: 

Jocelyn Dautel

Lecturer, School of Psychology

Queen's University, Belfast

Research site(s): Northern Ireland

Research partners: Laura Taylor, University College Dublin; Aidan Feeney, Queens University Belfast; John Coley, Northeastern University

Research question: 

Fong, Frankie Tze-Kiet

Ph.D. Student

University of Queensland

Research site(s): East Malaysia (Keningau); Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur); Australia (Brisbane)

Research partners: Mark Nielsen, University of Queensland; Noratthiah Nordin, University of Queensland

Research question: 

Christopher Kavanagh

Specially Appointed Associate Professor, College of Contemporary Psychology, Department of Psychology

Graduate School of Contemporary Psychology

Rikkyo University

Research site(s): Japan (Tokyo & Saitama)

Research partners: Jonathan Lanman,Queen’s University Belfast; Rohan Kapitany, Keele University; Naoya Oda, Tokyo Gakugei University Children Institute for the Future

Research question: 

Ariel Knafo-Noam

Professor, Department of Psychology

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Research site(s): Israel (Jerusalem)

Research partners: N/A

Research question: 

Melissa Koenig

Professor, Institute of Child Development, College of Education and Human Development

University Minnesota 

Research site(s): Iran (Tehran); Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo); China (Dalian), U.S.A. (Minneapolis)

Research partners: Narges Afshordi, (university); Bolivar Reyes-Jaquez, (university); Pearl Han Li, (university)

Research question: 

Jonathan Kominsky

Postdoctoral Associate, Computational Cognitive Development Group

Rutgers University - Newark

Research site(s): Mobile

Research partners: Elizabeth Bonawitz, Rutgers; Pat Shafto, Rutgers University

Research question: 

Tamar Kushnir

Associate Professor, Human Development

Cornell University

Research site(s): Singapore, China (Shanghai)

Research partners: Shaun Nichols, Cornell University; Yue Yu, National Institute of Education, Singapore; Xin (Alice) Zhao, East China Normal University, Shanghai

Research question: 

Katherine McAuliffe

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Boston College

Research site(s): Canada (Antigonish, Nova Scotia), Peru (Montaro Valley), Uganda (Kabarole District)

Research partners: N/A

Research question: 

Michael Muthukrishna

Assistant Professor of Economic Psychology

Department of Psychology and Behavioral Science

London School of Economics and Political Science

Research site(s): Namibia & Angola

Research partner: Joseph Henrich, Harvard University

Research question: 

Jee Young Noh

Associate Professor, School of Education

California Baptist University

Research site(s): South Korea & Taiwan

Research partners: Allegra Joie Midgette, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Young Hwa Kim, Seoul National University of Education

Research question: 

Melanie Nyhof

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Northwestern College

Research site(s): Indonesia (Jakarta & Tana Toraja)

Research partner: Claire White, California State University, Northridge

Research question: 

Lluis Oviedo

Full Professor of Theological Anthropology

Pontifical University Antonianum

Research site(s): Spain, Italy, Egypt, India

Research partners: Jamie Howard, Finish Well Group, Naperville, IL; Josefa Torralba, University of Murcia, Spain

Research question: 

Dimitris Pnevmatikos

Faculty, Department of Primary Education

University of Western Macedonia

Research site(s): Greece

Research partners: N/A

Research question: 

Marjorie Rhodes

Associate Professor of Psychology

New York University

Research site(s): US (probably NYC), China (Shanghai & Shenzhen), Jordan & Abu Dhabi

Research partners: Antje von Suchodoletz, New York University; Xuan Li, New York University 

Research question: 


Karl Rosengren

Professor of Psychology

University of Rochester

Research site(s): Mexico (Puebla)

Research partners: Isabel Guttierrez, Raritan Valley Community College; David Menendez, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Louise Amador, Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades

Research question: 

Andrew Shtulman

Professor, Cognitive Science; Psychology

Occidental College

Research site(s): Tanzania (Hazda)

Research partners: Kristopher Smith, University of Pennsylvania; Michael Barlev, Arizona State University

Research question: 

David Sobel

Full Professor in the Department of Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences

Brown University

Research site(s): Unclear (probably Providence, RI)

Research partners: 

Research question: 

Gale Soley

Assistant Professor, Developmental Psychology

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi 

Research site(s): Turkey (Istanbul) & Iran (Tehran & Karaj)

Research partners: Telli Davoodi, Princeton University

Research question: 

Mahesh Srinivasan

Associate Professor, Psychology

University of California, Berkeley

Research site(s): India (Gujarat), Israel (Tel Aviv), California (San Francisco/Monterey Bay Area)

Research partners: Gil Diesendruck, Bar-Ilan University; Auden Dahl, UC Santa Cruz

Research question: 

Deniz Tahiroğlu

Assistant Professor and Vice Chair, Psychology

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi 

Research site(s): Turkey (Istanbul)

Research partners: 

Research question: 

Amanda Tarullo

Associate Professor and Developmental Science Program Director

Boston University

Research site: South Africa (Greater Tzaneen)

Research partners: Peter Rockert, Boston University; Denise Evans, Wits University, South Africa

Research question: 

Valerie van Mulukom

Research Associate

Brain, Belief and Behaviour Group, Centre for Psychology, Behaviour and Achievement

Coventry University

Research site: England (Coventry), Japan, Argentina

Research partners: Yo Nokawake, University of Oxford; Belen Mesurado, Austral University

Research question: 

Kara Weisman

Social Science Research Professional, Anthropology

Stanford University

Research site: Ghana (Cape Coast); Thailand (Chiang Mai)

Research partners: Tanya Luhrmann, Stanford University; Vivian Dzokoto, Virginia Commonwealth University; Felicity Aulino, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Research question: 

Aiyana Willard

Lecturer, Psychology

Brunel University London

Research site: Mauritius

Research partners: Nachita Rosun, Brunel University London; Jo Holmberg-Hansson, Brunel University London

Research question: 

The Developing Belief Network is funded by The John Templeton Foundation, with additional support from the University of California, Riverside and Boston University, and involves a partnership with Databrary.