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Mantaro Valley, PERU  •  Kabarole, UGANDA

Cultural-religious groups include Catholics and Evangelical Protestants living in the Mantaro Valley, Peru; as well as Anglicans and Catholics living in and around Kabarole, Uganda

PI:  Katherine McAuliffe


PI: Kushnir

Katherine McAuliffe

Katherine McAuliffe (PI) studies the forces that shape and sustain cooperative societies. Work in her lab—the Cooperation Lab at Boston College—combines approaches from psychology, anthropology and evolutionary biology to address big questions about the origins of cooperation. For instance, how do children acquire norms of cooperation across societies, when do they begin to comply with these norms and when do they begin to enforce them in others? She believes that a better understanding of the psychology that underlies cooperative norms can allow us to harness the power of those norms, to promote cooperation in children and adults alike.


Abigail McLaughlin is a third-year PhD student at Boston College, where she works with Dr. Katie McAuliffe in the Cooperation Lab. Abby's research focuses on children's emerging beliefs about religious groups and agents, as well as how these beliefs influence their social behavior. She is also interested in children's responses to interpersonal transgressions, and in particular their evaluations of and engagement in forgiveness-related behaviors. By leveraging both of these fields of study, she hopes to explore how religious beliefs relate to conceptions of justice and intervention behaviors.

Photographs of Peru, a research site for this sub-grant.

Photographs of Uganda, a research site for this sub-grant.

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