Request for Proposals
Statement of Interest

In order to ensure Full Proposal submissions meet the goals of the Developing Belief Network, interested investigators will be asked to submit a Letter of Interest and Biographical Sketch for the Lead Investigator and other relevant project personnel (e.g., research site collaborators). All documents should be included in a single pdf submission, which should be emailed to Rebekah Richert ( by March 15, 2020.

Letter of Interest (no more than 2 pages)


  • Fit with project intent

  • Description of the proposed research site (or sites) and an explanation for why that site would be particularly informative for the study of the development of religious cognition;

  • Evidence of success in collecting data with children at the proposed research site (or sites), including IRB approval for data collection at the proposed site (or sites)

  • A short budget and budget justification


Biographical Sketch(es) (no more than 2 pages)


  • Professional Preparation

  • Appointments

  • Personal Statement

  • Publications: 5 most closely-related to the project and 5 additional

  • Research Support

  • Synergistic Activities

The Developing Belief Network is funded by The John Templeton Foundation, with additional support from the University of California, Riverside and Boston University, and involves a partnership with Databrary.