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Advisory Board

Karen Adolph (Psychology, New York University). Dr. Karen Adolph is Professor of Psychology, Applied Psychology, and Neural Science at New York University. Dr. Adolph is an expert in perceptual-motor development. She studies how infants learn to adapt their actions to changes in their bodies and variations in the environment. Dr. Adolph developed state-of-the-art technologies to record behavior, and she developed and maintains the Datavyu tool to code behavior from video. Dr. Adolph is the director of Databrary, a web-based library for research videos and a platform to support open data sharing. In addition, Dr. Adolph is Lead Investigator on the PLAY Project, a NIH-funded collaborative research initiative with 65 researchers from 45 universities across the United States and Canada. Dr. Adolph will provide expertise specifically related to (a) the evaluation and selection of fieldsites, (b) the establishment and maintenance of international research collaborations, and (c) the development and housing of datasets and research materials in Databrary to enable open sharing.

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Maureen Callanan (Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz). Dr. Maureen Callanan is a professor of Psychology at University of California, Santa Cruz. Dr. Callanan is an expert in cross-cultural social cognitive development. Her research focuses on cognitive and language development in preschool children, exploring how children come to understand the world through everyday conversations with parents. Dr. Callanan will provide expertise specifically on (a) ensuring measures are valid within specific cultural settings, as well as able to be compared across cultural contexts and (b) naturalistic observations of socialization practices.

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Rick Gilmore (Psychology, Pennsylvania State University). Dr. Rick Gilmore is Professor of Psychology and a Huck Institute of the Life Sciences Faculty Co-fund. He is an expert in the development of perception, action and memory. He is also the co-founder and co-director, along with Dr. Adolph, of the data library and Datavyu video coding tool. In addition, Dr. Gilmore is active in thinking about best practices in Open Science through his involvement of the Society for Research in Child Development’s Task Force on Scientific Integrity and Openness and through scholarly papers and presentations. Dr. Gilmore will provide expertise specifically on (a) the development of data sets in Databrary that can be shared openly and (b) ensuring the Developing Belief Network follows FAIR principles for scientific data management and stewardship.

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Paul L. Harris (Harvard Graduate School of Education). Dr. Paul L. Harris is Victor S. Thomas Professor of Education at Harvard University. He is an expert in social and cognitive development. He is the author of 7 books, the most recent of which focuses on children’s selective learning from others as a source of information. Dr. Harris has received numerous awards including named Fellow of the British Academy, the Association for Psychological Science, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Harris will provide expertise specifically on (a) the establishment and maintenance of international research collaborations, (b) the selection of measures that appropriately target the research questions, and (c) the measurement of verbal, textual, and non-verbal testimony.

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Deborah Kelemen (Psychological & Brain Sciences, Boston University). Dr. Deborah Kelemen is a Professor in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Boston University. Dr. Kelemen is an expert in conceptual development, with particular expertise in concepts of the artificial and natural world, conceptual constraints on intuitive, religious, and scientific theory-formation, object categorization, social learning, social cognition, moral cognition, cultural and individual differences in cognition, conceptual change, and early science education. Dr. Kelemen has a history of funding through competitions and cross-cultural networks supported by The John Templeton Foundation and will provide feedback based on that experience. Dr. Kelemen will provide expertise specifically on (a) the establishment and maintenance of international research collaborations, (b) the selection of measures that appropriately target the research questions, and (c) the measurement of implicit/intuitive cognitions.


Jacqueline D. Woolley (Psychology, The University of Texas at Austin). Dr. Jacqueline Woolley is Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Woolley is an expert in children’s cognitive and conceptual development. Her research addresses children’s ability to make reality status judgments and both individual and developmental differences in religious cognition. Dr. Woolley will provide expertise specifically on (a) children’s conceptual development, (b) children’s religious cognition, and (c) the selection of measures to be used in addressing questions in these domains.

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