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Research Overview

We explore how people around the world develop beliefs that

impact global health, international relations, and scientific learning.

Religious & Supernatural Beliefs

Global Health

Image by Harsh Bhushan Sahu

How do children around the world acquire religious and supernatural concepts such as god(s), reincarnation, or evil eye?

How do they learn to perform rituals such as praying, communicating with ancestors, or meditation?

How do they form a religious identity?

Child at the Pediatrician

What is the relation of developing beliefs to global health?

How are children around the world taught about health-related topics, and how does the nature of learning relate to health-related behaviors & outcomes?

Intergroup Relations

How do biases and stereotypes about social groups (associated with religion, race, ethnicity) affiliation form?

How do stereotyping and biases influence interactions with social  ‘out-group’ members globally?

All Hands In

Scientific Learning

What is the nature and associated outcomes of formal science learning (for example, in the classroom) and informal science learning (for example, in nature) around the world?


How are scientific beliefs shaped by, and how do they shape, children’s other beliefs (for example, their ethnic, raciolinguistic, or religious beliefs)?

Science Class
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